LCLint Output

LCLint 2.2 --- 25 Aug 96

only.c: (in function f)
only.c:11,3: Only storage glob not released before
                assignment: glob = y
  A memory leak has been detected. Newly-allocated or
  only-qualified storage is not released before the
  last reference to it is lost. (-mustfree will
  suppress message)
   only.c:1,24: Storage glob becomes only
only.c:11,3: Implicitly temp storage y assigned to
                only: glob = y
  Temp storage (associated with a formal parameter) is
  transferred to a non-temporary reference. The
  storage may be released or new aliases created.
  (-temptrans will suppress message)
only.c:13,4: Dereference of possibly null pointer m:
  A possibly null pointer is dereferenced.  Value is
  either the result of a function which may return
  null (in which case, code should check it is not
  null), or a global, parameter or structure field
  declared with the null qualifier. (-nullderef will
  suppress message)
   only.c:8,12: Storage m may become null
only.c:13,9: Variable x used after being released
  Memory is used after it has been released (either by
  passing as an only param or assigning to and only
  global. (-usereleased will suppress message)
   only.c:12,9: Storage x released
only.c:14,10: Implicitly temp storage z returned as
                 only: z
only.c:14,12: Fresh storage m not released before
   only.c:9,27: Fresh storage m allocated

Finished LCLint checking --- 6 code errors found