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From Sat Feb 15 15:10:01 1997
From: Michael Paul Smith 
To: 'Bartosz Polednia' ,
Subject: RE: Subscription request -Reply
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 09:18:49 -0000
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I have ported lclint to DOS/Win32 (with the aid of the Borland DOS extender 
so it runs on plain DOS or as a console-mode WinNT/Win95 program).  I 
haven't got around to finding out if I can upload anyhwere, but I will send 
it to anyone who wants it.

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Subject:	Subscription request -Reply

== Please post a brief message introducing yourself and describing
== your professional interests.  Feel free to also include any ideas
== you have for lclint development or comments on your experiences
== using lclint.


My name is Bartosz Polednia. I have graduated Academy of Mining and
Metallurgy in Cracow, Poland, with M.D. in computer science.
Now, I am working as consultant and programmer in small company which
mainly writes software for Polish Government (Ministry of Health). My
company is also ISP.

My intrest in LCLint is mainly hobbyist. I use C/C++ for my home
programming and I like to improve my style so I am looking for
lint-like tool.

Because I mainly use plain DOS so I have no chance to try lclint yet.
I am interested if there is alredy DOS version prepared ? If no, I am
ready to prepare one.



Bartosz Polednia
 soon also:

ul. Legionow 57
43-300 Bielsko-Biala
tel: (+48) 33 12 39 48
fax: (+48) 33 209 78

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