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From:	Conor O'Neill []
Sent:	Friday, May 09, 1997 2:44 AM
To:	LCLint List Server
Subject:	Problems with Solaris system include files

Hi all, 

We have built lclint on a Sparc Solaris 2.5.1 machine using GCC
2.7.2 It built fine and "build test" also ran fine but when we try to
lint anything that includes system include files, it falls over with
error messages indicating that we should send bug reports. We have set
the switches to the most "slack" setting but it gives non-stop internal
error problems in things like types.h.  Should we be using GNU libc or
something?  Anyone else had this problem?  

Conor O'Neill

Conor O'Neill, Senior Software Engineer,
Integral Design Ltd.,               
National Management Centre,                   Ph:  +353-1-2052698
Clonard, Dublin 16, Ireland.                  Fax: +353-1-2942578
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