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I agree with this - this is a source of annoyance and means the use of grep
to sort the real messages from these. Putting an option in the next version to 
cure this would be really good.


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Subject: Introduction
Author:  Michael Hohner  at Internet-Mail
Date:    04/10/97 07:59

 Hello !
 I'm new to this mailing list and like to introduce myself. I'm working for 
 a german company making real-time system software, and we're using LCLint 
 to double check our code. Compilers for embedded systems are usually quite 
 weak, even at the highest warning level, and they don't catch a lot of 
 problems that other compilers do spot.
 We're using the Linux version of LCLint. The compilers, however, run on DOS 
 or Windows, so the source files on the server naturally contain CRLF line 
 enders. LCLint complains about the CR's. It would be nice if LCLint had an 
 option to ignore CR's (or even better, an option to specify which line 
 enders (LF, CRLF or CR) are used). This would save us making copies of the 
 source and header files for conversion.
 Servus, Michael!
 Fidonet:    2:2490/2520.17

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