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From Tue Jan  6 18:40:19 1998
Subject: annotation help
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Date: 07 Jan 1998 10:30:06 +1100


I am trying to annotate a Motif application written in C.  I have had
some success with parts of it, but I have encountered a problem. 

I would like to be able to annotate some of the function prototypes in
the Motif and X11 headers.  For example, XtFree() causes problems
(Fresh storage foo not released before return) which I would like fix
by annotating its parameter with an /*@only@*/ comment.

I don't want to start annotating our shared X11 header files, and I
don't really want to create my own copies and start annotating them.
What I hoped to be able to do was create my own small header file (xhints.h)
and/or library (xhints.lcd) that I could use to contain annotated
versions of prototypes from the library.  I created a file xhints.h
that looked like this:


    void XtAddCallback(
               Widget w,
               String callback_name,
               XtCallbackProc callback,
               /*@null@*/ XtPointer client_data

This gave me the error:

        Parameter client_data inconsistently redeclared as possibly
                   null storage, previously declared without null qualifier
  A function, variable or constant is redefined with a different type.
  (-incondefs will suppress message)
   /usr/openwin/include/X11/Intrinsic.h:1359: Declaration of client_data

Which was not what I wanted, but does seem to make sense.  lclint
treats the earlier declaration (within Xm/Xm.h) as being 'definitive',
even though it has no annotations.  I was hoping, I suppose, that
lclint would treat the later declaration as an `augmentation' of the
earlier one, and not complain unless the later annotations
contradicted earlier ones (of which there were none in this case.  

Is there a way I can annotate only those X functions that I want to,
without duplicating ?  Or is there some other approach to my
problem that I am not seeing?


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