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From: Gerald van Kampen 
Subject: New member introduction & MS Visual C++ port. rabbit
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My name is Gerald van kampen and I'm working as (embedded) software
engineer at Oce-Technologies (manufacturer of copiers and printers) in the

As I was curious what LCLint would tell me about my code I gave it a try.
Because I work with the MS Visual C++ 4.0 compiler at the moment, I used
Mike Smith's Win32 version of LCLint. This worked fine as long as the total
command line length of the preprocessor system() call didn't exceed 128
characters (an old inherited  MS DOS "feature"). I solved this by writing
the preprocessor string to a batch file and call this batch file with the
system() command. As I didn't have Borland C++ I ported the sources to
compile with Visual C++ (with success). Things work OK now as long as I
don't include windows.h which gives lot of parse errors. 

As this should be a brief introduction I'll stop now. If anybody is
interested please let me know.

Gerald van Kampen           
Oce-Technologies B.V.                 URL:
Location 3G20                         Tel:   .. 31 77 3594726
P.O. Box 101                          Fax:   .. 31 77 3595337
NL-5900 MA Venlo			    
The Netherlands

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