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From Wed Mar  4 12:48:13 1998
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From: Hermann Kleier <>
To: David Evans 
Subject: re: signal function interface
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On Sat, 21 Feb 1998, David Evans wrote:

> Its seems quite strange to me where you get implicit function pointers
> (i.e., why func1 and func1 * are the same), and where you don't.  (Is
> this explained clearly in the standard somewhere?)

A good source is the `Rationale for American National Standard for Information
Systems - Programming Language - C', which can be found at
(and elsewhere).  The section explains the origins of the implicit
castings.  They show examples like

int f ();
(***f) ();

The 2nd line is a legal invocation (with multiple implicit pointer casts), which
makes me blushing when presented to me by a PASCAL-disciple.


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