lclint-interest message 29

From: Maarten Ballintijn 
Subject: Re: Makefiles for Lclint
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 95 10:07:56 MET
Mailer: Elm [revision: 70.85]


> I know these are for gnumake, but the gnumakes I run (3.72.1 and 3.71.x)
> both fail completely to understand what's meant by the 'ifdef BISON...endif'
> sets.
> Similarly, they want 'sh -c ...' around all of the sequences of shell
> commands.  Apparently.
> Am I missing something obvious?

I did not have time to report this but I had the same problem.
The make files can be repaired by removing the tabs and spaces before
the "ifdef", "else", etc commands (also from the Makefiles in 
the subdirectories). It seems that the current Makefiles
should never have worked ?


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