lclint-interest message 54

From evs Thu Mar 21 12:26:40 1996
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 96 11:57:58 -0500
From: evs (David Evans)
In-Reply-To: Mike Ellis's message of Thu, 21 Mar 96 08:06:32 GMT <>
Subject: Enumerated boolean types and printf("%lX", foo)


> I normally use the following boolean type:
> typedef enum { false = (0==1), true } bool;
> However,  LCLint reports this as an error every time I use a bool 
> variable or the enumerated names true and false.  It also claims

The reason that you are getting errors is that lclint uses TRUE and
FALSE as the default names of the boolean constants, not true and false.
You can change this by using (you probably will want to add these to
your .lclintrc file):

	-booltrue true -boolfalse false
> generates the warning "Format argument 1 to printf (%X) expects long int 
> gets unsignedlong int".  According to my copy of the ISO standard,
> raw %X expects an unsigned int,  while %lX expects an unsigned long int.

Looks like I have misinterpreted the standard here.  You're correct ---
it should be an unsigned long int.  This is fixed in the source package
now, and will be fixed in the binary packages soon.

--- Dave

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