lclint-interest message 72

From Wed May  8 15:11:22 1996
Date: Tue, 7 May 96 17:08:17 PDT
From: Bill Margolis 
Subject: Conformance checking capabilities?

Howdy all,

Working in a typical industrial setting, I have been mainly 
interested in considering lclint as a transition tool in the 
direction of considering more formal verification tools.  
Propagating it as "a better lint than lint" seems to have
been an effective, if not too subversive, start so far.
(And, that it integrates well with my own typical emacs
oriented development is a personal, but not universally
recognized plus).

However, a useful, immediate task that we are currently facing is
to see how legacy and currently developing source code could be
checked against the various posix, svid 3(whatever that is), and
other standards of orthodoxy.  I think the usual type of messages with 
hints that are currently in lclint is the kind of aid that we would 
want to accept.  (People in our group have been visited by the 
electronic fairies from Abraxas and MKS Code Integrity).

Are there libraries that do these things on the agenda?  
Perhaps they are already available, if only I were to key in the proper
netscape location, or make and install the right library?

-best wishes,
bill margolis
( )
Etec systems produces laser-beam and e-beam writing devices that are used
to produce masks with submicron feature sizes for the semi-conductor
industry.  Software is used to control (1)the queueing of jobs and 
verification of job data (2)the assembly of large pattern data files 
(3)the transformation of data files for feeding geometry engines 
(4)beam and stage coordination.

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