Welcome Message for lclint-interest

Please post a brief message introducing yourself and describing your
professional interests.  Feel free to also include any ideas you have
for lclint development or comments on your experiences using lclint.

This list is intended for informal discussions on the use and
development of lclint, and how it relates to more general issues in
software engineering.

This list is a bounce list so any message sent to
lclint-interest@larch.lcs.mit.edu will be sent directly to everyone on
the list.  If you have administrative questions, send them to
lclint-request@larch.lcs.mit.edu.  This list is archived at

Some topics I hope to see discussed on this list include:

   o Experiences using lclint ---
	how is your organization using lclint?
	how much effort spent on annotations (or specifications) is
           useful in practice?
	what ways of using lclint are most effective?
	which checks are most effective in catching real bugs?
	are spurious messages a problem?
   o Ideas for improvements to lclint ---
	what checks should be done that are not?
	what should be added to enable further checking?
	what coding styles should be supported?

   o More general discussions on the role of specifications and
	static checking in software engineering.

Currently, this list has 109 members from around the world: 

	38 US Commercial
	14 Germany
	11 US Educational
	 6 Australia, France, United Kingdom
         4 Switzerland, Netherlands
         3 Italy
         2 Belgium, Canada, Denmark, US government
         1 Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Poland, .net, Norway, 
           Singapore and Sweden.

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